The Consequences of Unsuccessful Parking Ticket Disputes

The Consequences of Unsuccessful Parking Ticket Disputes

Ever found that pesky little parking ticket conspicuously placed under your windshield wiper after you ran a quick errand? Your heart sinks, the adrenaline kicks in, and you instantly contemplate the reasons to dispute a parking ticket. You wonder, “What happens if you dispute a parking ticket and lose?” 

When the Parking Rules Turn against You

As a vehicle owner, whether you parked your car beyond the designated time, failed to pay the parking meter, or unknowingly breached traffic rules, a parking violation ticket isn’t something you brush off. If you fail to handle it well, the consequences of unpaid parking tickets may be more severe than you think.

Fines and Excess Charges

Upon receiving a penalty charge notice, many people will either grudgingly pay the parking fine or consider disputing it. If you choose the election to pay within the grace period, the matter concludes there. But, if you ignore the ticket, fail to pay within a specific time frame, or your dispute is unsuccessful, an excess charge notice may be issued. This notice demands an additional payment over the initial fine.

Vehicle Towing or Booting

Beyond the financial blow, what happens if you dispute a parking ticket and lose is the risk of having your car towed or booted. Unpaid parking tickets are taken seriously, and city administrators are authorized to impound vehicles associated with substantial parking violations.

Tackling the Challenge: How to Dispute a Parking Ticket

It’s Monday through Friday, the time you parked seems correct, and you’re confident that you’ve not violated any parking rules. You decide to dispute the ticket. Here’s how:

Determine Whether You Should Dispute the Parking Ticket

Believe it or not, there are quite a few valid defenses that could work in your favor. So, let’s explore some of these defenses

  • Death of the Registrant – The death of the registrant prior to or within 90 days of the ticket issuance is a total defense. You’ll need to submit the death certificate as proof.
  • Disabled Vehicle – Defense applicable if your vehicle suddenly became disabled and you were ticketed for illegal parking. Conditions to prove:
    • The car suddenly became disabled.
    • The car was promptly removed from the location.

Note: This defense won’t prevail if the car was parked illegally before becoming disabled.

  • Broken Meter – Defense applicable if you can prove:
    • Attempted to purchase a parking meter receipt from the nearest machine on the same block or within the same municipal lot.
    • Unsuccessfully tried to make the purchase with all accepted payment methods.
    • Evidence strengthens the defense.
  • Fraudulent Registration – Defense available if you didn’t register the ticketed vehicle nor authorized anyone else to do so.
  • Temporary Registration – Defense applicable for an expired registration ticket if you can prove:
    • Valid temporary registration displayed on the dashboard on the date of the ticket.
    • Proper display of the expired registration sticker on your windshield.
  • Personal Service – Defense available if the driver of the car ticketed was present and behind the wheel during ticket issuance.
  • Issuer failed to identify the driver by name on the ticket.
  • Emergencies – Defense applicable if you parked illegally due to a sudden, unexpected medical emergency. Non-medical emergencies may qualify on a case-by-case basis. Corroborating evidence strengthens the claim (e.g., police report, hospital records).

Note: Needing to use the bathroom urgently is not considered a medical emergency.

  • No Knowledge of the Summons – Not typically a defense as notices are sent to the registrant’s home. Ensure your mailing address is up to date with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Good cause must be shown for not responding sooner to receive a hearing.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Complete defense if you can prove the vehicle was stolen before ticket issuance and recovery. Evidence may include a police report, insurance cancellation documentation, witness statements, etc.
  • Transferred Vehicle – Complete defense if you sold, gifted, or transferred the vehicle before the ticket was issued. Evidence may include DMV plate transfer or surrender documentation, canceled or transferred insurance documentation, or proof of registration to another party.
  • Lost or Stolen Plates -Defense applicable for missing plate violations if you can prove:
    • Prompt reporting of theft or loss to the police.
    • Immediate replacement of registration plates and stickers.
    • Retain documentation such as police reports and DMV records as evidence.
  • Signs – Defense applicable if cited for violating a missing, illegible, ambiguous, or wrongly stated sign.Gather clear photos of the entire block where the ticket was issued. Capture photos of all signs on that side of the street for evidence.
  • Repeat Summons – Defense available to dismiss a duplicate ticket for the same violation. Conditions to meet:
    • Duplicate ticket issued on the same day, for the same violation, at the same location, within three hours of the first ticket.
    • Similar tickets can be issued every three hours.

Note: For status violations (registration or inspection), repeat summons must be issued on the same date as the first ticket. Only one similar ticket per day is allowed, though more than one can be received within a twenty-four hour period.

Understand Your Rights

As the registered owner of the vehicle, you have the right to request a hearing to fight the ticket. Make sure you file a hearing request within 30 days after the date the ticket was issued to avoid additional penalties.

Gather Evidence

Pictures, witnesses, or any documentation that could prove your compliance with traffic rules is essential. You can also request the city hall or mayor’s office records regarding the parking rules on the date and time of the alleged violation.

Attend the Hearing

You can present your case to a hearing officer by mail or in person. If you fail to appear in court on your scheduled date, you might end up with a failure to pay a parking fine charge, regardless of your initial defense’s merits.

When Disputes Take a Wrong Turn: The Unforeseen Consequences

What happens if you dispute a parking ticket and lose? 

Firstly, there’s the financial impact. The initial parking fine that was issued to the registered owner of the vehicle may seem manageable. However, failing to win your dispute can lead to an excess charge notice. This is an additional penalty atop the original fine, which can often double the amount you initially owed. If the registered owner further delays payment, another additional penalty could be tacked on 30 days after the date of the excess charge notice.

The monetary consequences don’t stop there. Unpaid parking tickets can lead to a vehicle registration suspension, further imposing a financial burden. The owner of the vehicle would need to pay all fines and penalties in full and an additional fee to the city administrator to lift this suspension.

Fighting the ticket also includes a significant time investment. You may need to take time off from work Monday through Friday to appear in court for an in-person hearing. This time frame might involve long waiting periods, particularly if you fail to appear at the designated date and time. You then run the risk of a failure to pay citation which could further complicate your case.

Despite the numerous reasons to dispute a parking ticket, there is an emotional toll attached. The process can bring about stress and anxiety, primarily if you lose the dispute. There is a significant difference between a parking violation and a speeding ticket or other traffic violations, and understanding the nuances of these traffic rules and parking rules is vital. Losing a dispute can leave vehicle owners feeling powerless and frustrated, impacting their mental well-being.

A successful dispute, however, would depend on various factors, such as the time you parked, proof of payment at the parking meter, or an error on the parking fine. The key is to understand how to successfully dispute a parking ticket, ensuring you present all evidence at the hearing request, whether it’s via mail or in person, to the hearing officer appointed by the mayor’s office or city hall.

It’s important to note that parking tickets in New York City are typically civil violations, not criminal offenses. Therefore, losing a parking ticket case is unlikely to result in a criminal record. However, the parking ticket itself, whether paid or unpaid, can be recorded on your vehicle registration records. This record may affect your ability to renew your vehicle registration, potentially result in the imposition of additional fines or penalties, or even impact your credit history if left unpaid for an extended period.

Enter Ticket Wiper: Your Ally in Parking Ticket Disputes

So, how can you save yourself the stress and potential consequences of losing a parking ticket dispute? Enter Ticket Wiper, a revolutionary app that’s your secret weapon in New York City’s battle against parking tickets.

Using Ticket Wiper, you’re leveraging the expertise of professionals who know the ins and outs of how to successfully dispute a parking ticket. The app goes above and beyond to find any potential errors on your ticket, increasing the likelihood of a successful dispute.  


Although it’s possible to dispute a parking ticket, losing could result in tangible and intangible costs. It’s crucial to weigh these potential outcomes before opting for a hearing to fight a ticket. If you’re not prepared, the cost can be more than just the initial fine – you might find yourself tackling additional penalties, spending precious time, and dealing with emotional distress. Therefore, it’s vital to either pay your parking tickets promptly or arm yourself with a strong case if you decide to dispute.

Unsuccessful parking ticket disputes can result in dire consequences, from financial burdens to legal issues. But with the right strategies and a reliable partner like Ticket Wiper, you can navigate the maze and stand a strong chance of overturning your parking violation.

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