Are There Companies That Help Fight NYC Parking Tickets?

Are There Companies That Help Fight NYC Parking Tickets?

The City of New York makes billions of dollars from the millions of parking tickets it issues each year. In fact, New York City makes more money from parking ticket fines than it does from metered parking fees. And while this is great for NYC and goes towards many of the city’s projects, that’s a lot of money coming out of the pocket of regular people and business owners.

When given a choice to pay up or fight the ticket, research revealed that 80% of people decide to avoid the hassle and risk of ending up in traffic courts by simply paying the fine. Why? Too many people had long believed that contesting a parking ticket takes too much time and effort. They also believe that it requires hiring a ticket lawyer to defend them, writing a lengthy dispute letter, and a good story to prove their innocence. And when you think about how a defense will cost more than the actual fine, it makes sense to just pay up.

However, giving up and paying are not your only options when you find that orange envelope waiting for you on your car’s windshield. The NYC Department of Finance’s Parking Violations Bureau offers various methods to dispute parking tickets. Through the city department, you can fight your ticket and request a hearing online. You can take the traditional mail route or request an in-person hearing. The DOF also has the Pay or Dispute App, a mobile app that makes it easy to dispute tickets in New York City. 

But while the department of finances mobile app makes it easy to submit your dispute, it was developed to make it easier for you to pay your ticket fines by giving you a channel to pay with a credit card, debit cards, or eCheck. 

The Best Way to Dispute and Win New York City Parking Tickets

While you have many channels to contest the New York parking ticket, none of these methods actually fights your parking tickets and get the fee dismissed. Fortunately, there are companies that work to help you win. And now that there are those that make it easy to not only dispute parking ticket violation but get the ticket dismissed or parking ticket fines reduced, the number of people who choose to fight is expected to increase.

However, not all companies that offer services to help fight parking tickets are created equal. Other companies rely too heavily on technology to analyze parking tickets.  What makes Ticket Wiper different from other companies that offer similar services is that we don’t use AI or chatbots to screen and inspect your parking tickets. Unlike other companies, Ticket Wiper doesn’t outsource to third parties. All ticket disputes are processed in-house. 

Instead of trusting technology that can be flawed and inaccurate, Ticket Wiper has highly experienced human ticket wipers with decades of experience in reviewing tickets for technicalities that will render it defective. With Ticket Wiper, there is no bot answering customer support inquiries or filtering and screening tickets. You can rest assured that you are communicating with a real person when you use the app’s live chat feature. Parking violation experts review and process the disputes. And when you contact their customer service team, you will likely speak with someone who is actually working on your ticket.

How You Can Save on Parking Violation Fines and Late Fees

Many people who receive parking tickets don’t realize that issuing officers can easily make mistakes that render the ticket invalid. Because the team at Ticket Wipers has a comprehensive understanding of traffic and parking laws and knowledge of each section of the ticket, they know exactly what to look for to fight your parking ticket. 

All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone. The Ticket Wiper iPhone app is available on the App Store, while Android users can download the app from Google Play. You can submit a ticket via the mobile app in two ways. You can either enter the ticket information manually or scan the ticket’s barcode. Our system will scan the NYC database for your license plate number and check for any open tickets. Even if you enter the ticket details manually, the system will still double-check the entry for accuracy.

With Ticket Wiper, there’s no defense needed. You don’t need a good story to prove your innocence. The mobile app will fight to get your parking tickets dismissed with very little information, and you can upload an image of your registration card to improve your chances of winning. Other supporting documents and photo evidence can be uploaded to build a better case for dismissal. Examples of evidence would include photos showing blocked signs or broken meters.

The entire process takes 2-4 weeks. During this time, you don’t need to worry about incurring any late fees because of the penalty lock that is placed on your ticket once the process is initiated. Your ticket is “frozen” until a verdict is reached. There’s also no need to constantly check in with us to get status updates. We keep you posted by email at each phase of the fight.

The beauty of Ticket Wiper is that you don’t pay a dime unless we help you win your ticket. This means huge savings for you. Instead of paying the full price of your ticket, we work hard to get the parking ticket dismissed, and you only have to pay a fee equal to 50% of the ticket’s original fee.

It’s also not uncommon for those orange envelopes to get lost. With Ticket Wiper, you can have the app auto-monitor your license plate number to check for tickets issued that you might not be aware of.

Ticket Wiping for Commercial Clients

Ticket Wiper isn’t just for regular drivers; it’s also for companies that need to track their fleets. Ticket Wiper for Business boasts high success rates, with a 78% dismissal rate when it comes to winning commercial parking tickets in New York. Ticket Wiper services also go beyond the app. The team at Ticket Wiper will scan the NYC database weekly to monitor for any tickets issued against their commercial clients’ company plates.

Ticket Wiper for commercial vehicles means that the business owner can potentially save millions in fines and free themselves from constantly chasing their employees who drive company cars for their parking tickets. Too often, employees fear getting into trouble and may try to hide their orange envelopes. The longer that the company owners don’t know about these outstanding tickets, the more likely they will incur late penalties or end up in judgment.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a fleet of vehicles or a regular person making your way around New York, companies like Ticket Wiper take the hassle out of fighting NYC parking tickets. Ticket Wiper also keeps the community updated so they can avoid getting ticketed. The Ticket Wiper blog features ticket-related news and updates on alternate side parking suspensions.

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