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Out Of 5

The other day I received the ticket that was never given to me or placed on my windshield but I was notified through the app. If it weren’t for the app I would never have known about it and it would’ve accumulated penalties. It is so nice to have an ally or a friend that can help you with your tickets I have had two tickets and both tickets were dismissed through the app. Great service.

Carlitos T

So I was honestly a bit skeptical about it working. And I was afraid that I’d accumulate penalties, but they actually do freeze it so I don’t get penalties. I parked next to a hydrant at night because there were no spots available, and I woke up the next morning with a ticket on my windshield wiper. I was super upset, but I decided to give the app a chance and wasn’t disappointed. Thanks guys

Kenya John

This really works, and because they constantly provide updates to the process, it doesn’t feel like you should keep your fingers crossed. They have saved me at least one hundred dollars, and I tell all my fellow drivers. Love it!

Lucy Mango

Easy to use, fast, and it really works. There is always someone there when I call, and the app really let's you submit your ticket easily. Worked super fast for me. Love this app! Highly recommend it!

Josephe de Demarchelier​

Wow, they are 2 for 2 getting my unjustly issued tickets dismissed!! I cannot say enough good things about this app! Truly amazing!


I had a 10 open tickets, and they won 9 tickets for me. I’m extremely happy with this app. Very simple and clear.

Sam & Lea



Out Of 5






Great service! This app was so easy to use, and they keep you updated throughout. I got a parking ticket, and they got it dismissed! The app is easy to use and straightforward. You can even scan for tickets on your license plate. It's definitely worth a try! If they aren't able to dismiss it, then you don't pay them anything. There's nothing to lose!

Booby P

Process was very straightforward - scanned my ticket and also took a picture of my registration. They didn't require any other details but had an option to upload pictures if needed. I was expecting them to reach out and ask for more details. But 12 days later, the case got dismissed, and I received a letter in the mail. Super impressed at their efficiency and how they were able to beat a ticket that I didn't think I could beat. Thanks again!

Kevin C

I found this app after searching for a similar one I read about online. I chose Ticket Wiper based on its features, especially the one that notifies you of any outstanding or new tickets going forward. After uploading my ticket info for blocking a driveway, I waited about 3 weeks and finally got a pleasant surprise notification that my ticket was dismissed. Great job Ticket Wiper. A family member I referred this service to had 3 tickets dismissed just recently. Great service!

Maria Sanchez Lopez

Exactly as advertised! 5/5. It was super user friendly, very easy to use, and low and behold, my ticket was dismissed. All I did was submit with nothing to lose, and I paid half of my ticket fine as advertised when they won the case for me. Honestly, one of the best things I discovered for my auto affairs this year.

Tasnuba Siraj​

I got a ticket in Queens, NY, and in all honesty, I was guilty. Didn't see the darn sign. Downloaded Ticket Wiper, fought the ticket, and to my surprise, ticket was dismissed!!!! Don't know how they did it, and in all honesty, I didn't trust these apps. But I must say, this company is the real deal. Thank you so much, Ticket Wiper!

Michael Zhonga​

I have been using Ticket Wiper for over a year, and they have helped me save a lot of money. I will continue using them and referring them to my friends as well to beat those tickets.

Pascal Pollac​