Frequently Asked Questions

Every ticket submitted through the app is reviewed, tracked and processed by real human experts in parking violations. Our ticket wipers have decades of experience and a track record of getting an average of 60% of tickets dismissed.

You can, but you don’t have to. On the Dashboard page, tap “Scan NYC database” to enter your plate number and have our system check for any open tickets. If you do enter your ticket manually, the app automatically double-checks your entry for accuracy

Ticket Wiper can work even with very little information. For even better chances, upload a photo of your registration card, which can improve your chances of winning by 10% because it helps us find ticket errors.

You can also add supporting documents such as a photo of blocked signs, unpainted curbs, broken meters and more so we can build a better case for dismissal.

Not at all! We check for defects on your actual ticket, including wrong section of law, missing information, typos, and more. Even if you are factually in the wrong, Ticket Wiper has the knowledge and expertise to get many tickets dismissed.

We only charge you a small processing fee. Once we get your ticket dismissed, we collect as payment an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the ticket’s original fee, including any applied penalties.

If your meter ticket fine is $65, we charge nothing unless we win. When we do get your ticket dismissed, we collect $32.50 as payment.

A small processing fee will be charged upon submission. Once your ticket is dismissed you will be charged 50% of the fine amount. 

The process may take 2-4 weeks. To ensure you never incur any penalties in the meantime, we place a ‘penalty lock’ on your ticket as soon as you submit it using the Ticket Wiper app.

No. We will keep you posted throughout the process and update you by email at every phase of the fight.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch with us, through the form below.