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Ticket Wiper vs The Competition

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Ticket Wiper – Dispute your NYC Parking Tickets

The Ticket Wiper App is the best way to resolve existing parking violations and protect against those that may occur after you download the app and register your vehicle with us. If you live in new york and drive any vehicle – a person car, taxi, limousine, delivery truck, Uber, Lyft or anything else, then you’ll want to have Ticket Wiper on your phone. Other services such as WinIt do not compare with the complete and thorough coverage that you can expect from Ticket Wiper. You want to use a parking app to avoid the stress, expense, and worry of dealing with parking tickets. You want reliable performance and complete resolution of the ticket, not have late fees, and protect your driving record.

Ticket Wiper provides a number of benefits:

  • Dispute parking tickets in NYC (whether you live in New York or Not)
  • Monitor your vehicle for parking fines
  • Save you time and money
  • Give you the peace of mind of not having to deal with parking tickets

Fight NYC Parking Tickets with Ticket Wiper

Over the period of 2014 through 2016, the City of New York took in more than $1.6 Billion in parking violation revenues. Drivers in NYC understand that violations are part of the dynamic of the City. The three-year revenue data suggests that many drivers have paid thousands of dollars, and much more have paid hundreds of hard-earned dollars over that period. With Ticket Wiper you get a No-Fee guarantee; you will not pay anything unless we win your case. When we get your parking ticket dismissed – You only pay 50% of what the city would have collected in fines from you. Don’t delay – Download Today!

Worry-Free with Ticket Wiper

Getting a parking ticket in NYC is not a rare event, the City enforces its traffic rules quite strictly and effectively. Many drivers pay fines although the tickets may have important errors or other defects. You may feel that the ticket is not accurate, that the violations as charged did not occur. In 2017 alone the City of New York dismissed $26 Million worth of parking violations because of mistakes. Even when in doubt, many drivers pay NYC parking ticket violations because they do not have the time and resources to dispute parking ticket fines. Ticket Wiper takes the worry and hassles out of disputing a parking ticket in NYC.

Get the Best Service from Ticket Wiper

The Ticket Wiper app uses an efficient and well-managed system to dispute your fines. We immediately freeze your violations so that you will not get additional fines for late payments while we work to resolve your case. Rather than Pay NYC parking ticket fines and penalties, you will only pay a fraction of the violation when we win the fight to dispute your parking ticket. You will pay nothing unless we resolve the case in your favor. Even then you ONLY 50% of the amount of the penalties that the city would collect.

Most importantly, you can view the status of your dispute on the app and we will update you via the email address you provide. We understand, it’s our role to help, but it is your driving record on the line – that’s why we work so hard to keep you violation free. Download the ticket wiper app and get the peace of mind, savings, and the knowledge that you have done what everyone should do to dispute NYC parking violations.


Don’t Delay Get Ticket Wiper Today!

The Ticket Wiper app is available for download on your iPhone and Android Smartphones at the App Store and Google Play. Think of TIcket Wiper like a seat belt – it provides you with the protection of being able to dispute parking tickets you get in New York City. Parking tickets have a tendency to catch you off-guard. With Ticket Wiper monitoring your vehicle – we give you a heads up and help you fight the nasty surprise.

DavidTicket Wiper vs The Competition
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Can you save enough money with Ticket Wiper to buy a new iPhone?

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Parking Tickets in NYC get Expensive Quickly

Can you save enough money with Ticket Wiper to buy a new iPhone?

If you spend all of your money to pay parking tickets in NYC then it’s going to take a large chunk of money out of your monthly budget. Ticket Wiper offer no risk protection for everyone that drives a vehicle in New York City. The app can guard against unfair parking fines and prevent late payment penalties. You can use the app to resolve an existing violation or to monitor your tags for any violations that may occur. The cost of living in the Greater New York Area is high, and questionable parking violations can add both a financial and emotional burden.

Parking tickets are part of the experience of living in New York City. The City collects more than $500 million per year in revenues from parking violations. The City has an active force of police and special officers to enforce parking rules, and parking tickets are a leading source of City enforcement revenue. The enforcement personnel work hard at their jobs and do a public service, but they are not always accurate, and the rules are not always fair to drivers.

NYC Parking Tickets or a New iPhone

The costs of parking tickets in New York City can pile up quickly and easily compare to the cost of a new phone. Depending on the location, time of day, and day of the week, a simple violation can involve multiple tickets. For example, if you park too close to an intersection, you may also violate restrictions for which side of the street parking, a bus stop area, and rush hour parking rules. A single mistake can end up costing well over $250.00. If you get caught up in the hubbub of life and the ticket slips your mind, the fine will increase with late fees. Ultimately, if not paid, your vehicle can be seized, and the cost of getting it back will likely exceed the price of the best Smartphone. Getting your car back can easily add up to a months rent in many parts of New York City.

Don’t Pay Your NYC Parking Tickets – Dispute Them with Ticket Wiper

Many people get NYC parking tickets under circumstances that they question for accuracies such as the time of day, or notice of the rules, as when a sign is missing or not visible. For most drivers, it is may seem easier to pay NYC parking ticket violations than to take the time and effort to file a dispute. Luckily, that’s where Ticket Wiper comes in to save the day. Our experienced professionals have saved NYC drivers over $1,000,000 with a 60% success rate. While paying them may seem convenient, it is expensive. When drivers question the facts and circumstances in which they get citations, Ticket Wiper can save the day. Simply scan the barcode into the App, and we fight your parking for you. The best part is, you do not pay a single penny unless we are able to WIN!

Act Now and Protect Yourself

There is no benefit in delaying this important decision; Download Ticket Wiper today and protect yourself against parking tickets. Parking violations are expensive, they become an unnecessary burden, especially in an expensive city like New York. You should dispute parking ticket violations with Ticket Wiper instead of just giving your money to the city. You can save money, save time, and with your savings buy a new iPhone, buy your family what it needs or better yet, treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation with your savings. If you drive in New York City, then you MUST get the Ticket Wiper app Today

DavidCan you save enough money with Ticket Wiper to buy a new iPhone?
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How Much Do Parking Violations Cost NYC drivers?

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Parking Tickets in NYC cost drivers Millions every year!

The New York City police issue a lot of parking tickets to the more than 1.4 million vehicle owners that operate in the city. Calendar year 2016 was the last year for which the City posted complete parking revenue data. The total revenue for parking violations in 2016 was $545 million. The 2016 figure was only slightly lower than the 2015 total of $565 million. That’s not small change no matter how you look at it.

The individual citations can vary with the time, day, and location in which the violation occurs. In Manhattan for example, if you park to close to an intersection the fine may be $115. Some violations may be as small as $15 but multiple violations are common, and rush hour violations have surcharges. Every NYC driver should visit Google Play or the App Store and download the Ticket Wiper App to dispute parking tickets. Not only does it provide a line of defense against paying one or more of the costly parking violations issued by the City each year. You can also have Ticket Wiper monitor your vehicle for any nasty surprise tickets you never actually saw or directly received.

Download Ticket Wiper Today

Dispute NYC Parking Ticket

A large number of parking fines go uncollected, or the city writes them off as uncollectable. The revenue from parking fines is a major source of income for New York City. In fact, parking violations yield far more revenue than moving violations and camera fines. Many parking citations have a poor fact basis- ticket givers make mistakes, people sometimes rush, or act inappropriately when issuing tickets. Whether you receive a ticket under questionable circumstances or NOT, you should take action and dispute the parking ticket. You should dispute all NYC parking ticket violations. Ticket Wiper helps you do just that, download the app today and dispute any parking ticket you’ve received. Don’t Delay – Download Today!

Don’t Pay Questionable Violations

The task of disputing a parking ticket in NYC can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. You may have to file information and appear at a pre-hearing or court appearance to contest the violation. Many drivers pay questionable violations only because they do not have the time and knowledge to attend to the details of disputing their New York City parking tickets. The solution is to go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Ticket Wiper App.

Ticket Wiper provides an invaluable service for all New York City drivers. After you download the Ticket Wiper, you will have a great tool to protect yourself against the headache every driver in NYC knows too well. Once you download the app, the setup process is quick and simple – Use the app to scan the barcode on your violation and leave it to us to fight your parking tickets.


Act Today Protect Your Driving Record and Save $$$

Don’t be one of the thousands of drivers that pay unnecessary parking fines, penalties, and the additional costs associated with them. By having Ticket Wiper fight the parking ticket on your behalf – every time we win You save. When we get your parking ticket dismissed – we only charge half of the amount of the total you would have paid to the city. We can resolve an existing violation and monitor your tag number for any future violations that may occur. You don’t pay anything unless we win your case. Don’t pay questionable parking violations or late fees again; get the Ticket Wiper App today.

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