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Dispute a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper

Dispute a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper

If you are one of the many people who work or live in NYC, finding a viable parking spot is not always an easy experience, especially with alternate side parking rules. This can and quite often does lead to a parking ticket. Then the question becomes “How do I dispute a parking ticket in NYC?” The simple answer – with Ticket Wiper!

The crowded streets can force you to park several blocks away from your destination, and the problem has caused many people to be late. You might even forget to pay or add money to your parking meter before the time limit expires, forcing you to face costly fines. Unless you are willing to simply throw your money away by paying the parking fine, taking care of your ticket so that you won’t need to worry about it is a difficult and time-consuming process. There’s a very simple and easy fix – download and install the Ticket Wiper app. Once you’ve downloaded Ticket Wiper, you can easily dispute a parking ticket.


Benefits of Ticket Wiper

Most people want to know about the benefits they can expect before they take action. With Ticket Wiper, you can quickly scan or type in the details of your parking ticket(s) to get the dispute process started. A team of experts will then review the parking ticket and look for mistakes that they can use to get the court to dismiss it.

Dedicated to helping people save money, the Ticket Wiper team is proud to serve the five boroughs of New York City. If you are worried that our team won’t get the job done, you will be happy to learn that the experienced team behind Ticket Wiper has saved New Yorkers over $1,000,000 in parking fines by getting them dismissed. If we get your parking ticket dismissed, you only pay 50 percent of the parking fine, thereby saving you money.

Time and Money Saving Features

With Ticket Wiper you can use the app to set reminders that will alert you when your parking meter is going to expire, which will help protect against getting a parking ticket to begin with. With the App you can also upload your license plate to track if your vehicle receives any new citations that may have gotten lost, blown away or gotten wet in the rain, etc. You can enjoy a range of extra features when you get the Ticket Wiper App and use it to keep an eye on your vehicle and parking tickets in NYC.

Our system aims to help people save money and we are confident you will be thrilled when you see what Ticket Wiper can do. Parking tickets don’t need to be a source of stress because once submitted to the app, we will manage the dispute process without much of an effort on your part. If you refer a friend to Ticket Wiper and they submit a ticket for us to dispute, we will give you a discount code to save money on your next parking ticket that you submit to us as well.


Dispute Your Parking Ticket in NYC

If you have received a parking violation and want to fight your parking ticket, the Ticket Wiper app is the answer that you have been searching for. Dealing with an NYC parking ticket can create stress and discomfort, however, the Ticket Wiper app will let you easily deal with it by having our team of experienced professionals handle your parking ticket dispute.

We don’t charge anything to submit a parking ticket to Ticket Wiper, meaning you don’t pay unless we get your ticket dismissed. Simply put Ticket Wiper is the best call unless you prefer to give your hard earned money to the NYC Department of Finance. Download Ticket Wiper today so that you can start disputing your parking tickets and saving your money.

DavidDispute a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper
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Pay a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper

Pay a Parking Ticket Online

If you are like most people, you have already asked, “How can I pay a parking ticket in nNYConline?” Ticket Wiper is the solution for which you have been looking if your goal is to reduce the pain of parking in New York City.

If you live in or plan to visit New York City, you likely know that finding a parking spot near your destination can be a difficult and overwhelming challenge. Signs and other obstacles can block parking meters and make them next to impossible to see, or you might pay for parking but not make it back to your vehicle before the meter expires.

Finding yourself in that situation can result in a parking ticket, but the worst part is that you will need to pay your fine online or potentially contend with the Traffic Violations Bureau in fighting the parking violation. The Ticket Wiper app will simplify the process and allow you to pay a parking ticket online without any of the stress. Ticket Wiper works to get your ticket dismissed so that it saves you time, money and gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to contend with parking violations.


Pay a Parking Ticket of Get Your Ticket Dismissed

You might believe you don’t have many options when you get a parking ticket in NYC, but our experts will fight to get your ticket dismissed so that you won’t have to pay a parking ticket. Traffic enforcement officers can write hundreds of citations each day. Repeating the same task for hours each day makes typos and other mistakes likely, and we will review your ticket for errors that could get you off the hook. So far, our team has been able to get 60 percent of parking tickets dismissed. When we are able to get your parking ticket dismissed, we only charge 50 percent of the cost of the original citation for a dismissed citation, and you won’t need to worry about it affecting your peace of mind.

In addition to helping you pay your NYC parking ticket, the app also comes with many other features you won’t want to miss. You can set reminders that will notify you when your parking meter is about to expire, helping you avoid trouble in the first place. You can also submit your vehicles license plate, and the Ticket Wiper app will monitor it and let you know via email when any new parking citations are issued for that vehicle.

When submitting a parking ticket to the app, the barcode scanner lets you upload your ticket in a few seconds so that you won’t need to do so manually. Having access to these benefits will make your life much easier and enable you to avoid the complications of having to deal with the NYC Department of Finance. You will be pleased when you see what our app can do for you, your bank account and your peace of mind.


License Plate Tracking and Other Features

You can pay your NYC parking ticket directly through the Ticket Wiper App without the stress that often comes with the cumbersome process of navigating the city managed website. Don’t forget that we can fight your parking ticket and work to get it dismissed, as with most of the citations our members receive. Pay NYC parking tickets through the Ticket Wiper app, and you will save a lot of time, money and energy, knowing you are done it once and for all. Once you pay a parking ticket with our app, you will wonder why you didn’t download the Ticket Wiper app sooner. If you are ready to get started and start enjoying all of the benefits that our app has to offer, don’t delay, download Ticket Wiper today!

DavidPay a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper
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