Dispute NYC parking tickets with Ticket Wiper

Wipe your NYC Parking Tickets with Ticket Wiper

Parking in New York City is often difficult, and private lots are always expensive. You can get low-cost parking on the city streets or in a public parking facility. The City has rules that limit where and how long you can park your vehicle, and it enforces these rules with parking violations. If you get a notice of violation that you feel is wrong or unfair, then you should oppose the charges. The Ticket Wiper app is the ideal way to dispute NYC parking violations.

Metered Parking

For most NYC drivers, metered spaces are the best way to park and save. Whether on public streets or public parking facilities, the NYC DMV enforces the regulations about time and payment of meter fees. Metered areas offer convenience, particularly when you can pay by credit card.

hello-parking-meterThe DMV NY enforces rules by issuing violations, and sometimes the tickets raise questions about fairness and accuracy. If you park on meters in NYC, then you should have the Ticket Wiper on your phone. Simply go to the Google Play store and download the app. You can dispute any violations, and you will not pay unless we resolve the case in your favor.

The City often wins cases that involve questionable citations because drivers do not appear in court to dispute the charges. The time, effort, and expense of getting paperwork filed and making appearances discourage many drivers, and the difficulty blocks much more from making good faith disputes. The solution is to let Ticket Wiper save the day.

Leave the Violations To Us

The DMV system requires significant amounts of time, expense, and effort to dispute NYC parking ticket fines. The fines are costly and cause an emotional burden from expense and worry. Once issued, a parking violation will remain on your record until paid or dismissed.

We will freeze the violation and avoid late payment penalties while we handle the case. We will notify you of the status of the case and the dismissal of charges. You will not pay anything until we win your case.

The Ticket Wiper app adds a layer of safety when relying upon metered parking in New York City. Once you download and activate Ticket Wiper, you will have protection against unjustified violations. We can monitor your tag to detect any violations that occur.

Tickets Can Add Up

NYC drivers know that a failure to pay parking violations will add late fees and other penalties.


In aggravated cases, the NYC DMV can authorize the seizure of your vehicle. The costs and difficulty of recovering seized vehicles are enormous and completely unnecessary. Using the Ticket Wiper app, you can avoid any charges and enforcement by the DMV NY. Ticket Wiper will resolve your violations and notify you of the status at all times while we manage the case.

Fight Existing Tickets and Avoid Future Penalties

When you must dispute NYC parking ticket fines, use an effective and convenient way, and never pay late fees again. One swipe of the barcode sets your parking ticket defense in motion. Don’t delay, download the app, and let Ticket Wiper save the day.

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