Cobble Hill Parking Scam: Why You Should Always Dispute Your Parking Tickets

A recent scam in Cobble Hill got people to pay illegitimate parking tickets to NYC itself. A construction company working on a new condo appears to have put up some fake No Parking signs around the construction site. Tickets were issued to cars parked in front of them, and busy people eager to just get on with their lives simply paid the tickets and moved on. The signs, of course, were not real and the tickets issued were not worth the paper they were printed on. This is a great example of how Ticket Wiper can help the average, busy citizens of New York. One of the ways in which Ticket Wiper fights for you is to check every aspect of the ticket to make sure it is legitimate, legal, and properly issued. Had the victims of this scam been using Ticket Wiper, our experts would have checked to make sure the signs were valid and gotten these tickets thrown out in an instant!

So even if you get a Parking Ticket that appears to be indisputable, it is in your best interest to have Ticket Wiper take a look for you. It’s easy and fast. Just download the app and scan for you ticket in the NYC Database. Then we will fight the ticket for you, and if we win, you only pay 50% of the ticket. Otherwise, you don’t pay a dime. Try it out today!

Photo credit: Franck Michel. Click here for license

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