Can People with Disabilities avoid Parking Tickets in NYC?

Driving with Disabilities – Guide to avoid parking tickets in NYC

The City of New York policy permits liberal parking privileges for people with disabilities or households with one or more disabled persons. The handicap parking permit does not prevent getting an NYC parking ticket. There are limits to the parking privileges that are made available to the bearers of the handicap permit. Vehicles that use a state or city handicap parking permit can get tickets, and they will have to pay the fine or contest the charges. The Ticketwiper app will protect vehicles with disabled driver privileges against wrong, doubtful, or unfair violations. The costs of parking tickets are part of the experience of driving in NYC.

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New York State Permits

The State issued permits authorize parking in designated handicap parking areas while driving in NYC and any location in New York State. The spaces are off-street parking areas, and the permit holder must be present when the vehicle uses the tag for off-street parking spaces.

New York City Permits

The City issues permits to drivers with medically certified disabilities. The permit entitles the operator of a vehicle to park in the below-described areas.

  • Metered spaces, passenger or commercial at No charge
  • No parking space regardless of hours and including street cleaning areas.
  • Space designated authorized vehicle only except ambulances or medical emergency spaces.
  • No standing except Truck loading-unloading spaces OR truck loading zone [note: that in the Garment District, permit holders must also follow the hours that permit truck loading/unloading].

The truck loading zone privilege depends on the restrictions posted on the parking signs on the block; The disabled parking privilege matches the permission for truck loading. To avoid an NYC parking ticket, the disabled parking permit must be in plain view in the vehicle dashboard.

You cannot lawfully use a handicap permit to double park a vehicle, or park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Handicap parking permits do not allow parking in a bus stops, taxi-stands, fire zones, driveways, crosswalks, sidewalks, no stopping zones, hotel loading zones, emergency vehicle spaces, and no standing zones.


Vehicles with handicap parking placards can get tickets when they exceed the permissions for special parking privileges, for example, they would get an NYC parking ticket for parking in a space reserved for ambulances. A disabled owner, or a vehicle with a permit tag for disability can get violations. It often happens when the police fail to notice the handicap tag. Ticketwiper can detect issued parking violations and notify you. Ticketwiper will help you fight the charge and seek dismissal. If you get a violation, then you can submit it to Ticketwiper simply by scanning the barcode with your phone.

Get the Parking Wiper App

Parking violations in NYC can be expensive, and if doubtful or in error, you will still have to take time and efforts to fight them. The Ticketwiper protects against questionable parking violations. If you drive in New York City, then you should get Ticketwiper and register your vehicle plates with us. Don’t delay; you pay nothing unless we win your case. Download the Ticketwiper App today.

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