Can I park in a school zone during the summer?

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School is out for the summer and now all those spots in front of schools seem like they should be up for grabs, right? Seems like a simple question, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a simple answer. According to the NYC Department of Transportation, it is perfectly legal to park in a school zone, if the school is in recess. However, many schools have summer sessions, teacher’s meetings, after school programs and many other situations in which the school may be open, even when you think it is closed. So the only way to know if a school is in fact in recess, and all those great spots are free for you to park, is to know the specific schedule of the school itself. The best way to find out when a school in your neighborhood is in recess is to simply contact the school itself and find out. Every school is different and you never know when a school may be open even if it looks closed.

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