Can I park in a commercial zone?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Parking signs in New York City can be very confusing sometimes. There is nothing worse when you are hunting for parking to find an empty spot with a cryptic sign near it. ‘Can I park here legally? Am I risking getting a ticket?’ Anyone who has driven in New York City has probably asked themselves these questions at some point. So today we are going to discuss one of the confusing signs you will definitely encounter as you hunt for the perfect spot.

The sign we are discussing today is the Commercial Parking sign. As in the picture above, these signs will say “3 Hour Metered Parking”. But it also says “Commercial Vehicles Only.” What this means, is that if you don’t have a commercial vehicle, then you are not allowed to park here.

Commercial Vehicle

A commercial vehicle is described by the NYC Department of Transportation as:

a vehicle that

  • bears commercial plates, and
  • is permanently altered by having all seats and seat fittings, except the front seats, removed to facilitate the transportation of property (for vehicles designed with a passenger cab and a cargo area separated by a partition, the seating capacity within the cab shall not be considered in determining whether the vehicle is properly altered), and
  • displays the registrant’s name and address permanently affixed in characters at least three inches high on both sides of the vehicle, with such display being in a color contrasting with that of the vehicle and placed approximately midway vertically on doors or side panels.

So if you are not driving a commercial vehicle, DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF ONE OF THESE SIGNS. It’s an easy way to get yourself a $115 ticket.

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