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The How-To Guide to Dispute NYC Parking Tickets

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Over 11.7 million parking tickets were issued last year in New York City alone. But what’s more shocking than the billions of dollars worth of parking fines is that 80% of people don’t bother disputing the ticket and just pay it. After all, not paying your parking ticket can come with serious consequences that include further penalties on top of what you already owe.

adminThe How-To Guide to Dispute NYC Parking Tickets
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Dispute a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper

Dispute a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper

If you are one of the many people who work or live in NYC, finding a viable parking spot is not always an easy experience, especially with alternate side parking rules. This can and quite often does lead to a parking ticket. Then the question becomes “How do I dispute a parking ticket in NYC?” The simple answer – with Ticket Wiper!

The crowded streets can force you to park several blocks away from your destination, and the problem has caused many people to be late. You might even forget to pay or add money to your parking meter before the time limit expires, forcing you to face costly fines. Unless you are willing to simply throw your money away by paying the parking fine, taking care of your ticket so that you won’t need to worry about it is a difficult and time-consuming process. There’s a very simple and easy fix – download and install the Ticket Wiper app. Once you’ve downloaded Ticket Wiper, you can easily dispute a parking ticket.


Benefits of Ticket Wiper

Most people want to know about the benefits they can expect before they take action. With Ticket Wiper, you can quickly scan or type in the details of your parking ticket(s) to get the dispute process started. A team of experts will then review the parking ticket and look for mistakes that they can use to get the court to dismiss it.

Dedicated to helping people save money, the Ticket Wiper team is proud to serve the five boroughs of New York City. If you are worried that our team won’t get the job done, you will be happy to learn that the experienced team behind Ticket Wiper has saved New Yorkers over $1,000,000 in parking fines by getting them dismissed. If we get your parking ticket dismissed, you only pay 50 percent of the parking fine, thereby saving you money.

Time and Money Saving Features

With Ticket Wiper you can use the app to set reminders that will alert you when your parking meter is going to expire, which will help protect against getting a parking ticket to begin with. With the App you can also upload your license plate to track if your vehicle receives any new citations that may have gotten lost, blown away or gotten wet in the rain, etc. You can enjoy a range of extra features when you get the Ticket Wiper App and use it to keep an eye on your vehicle and parking tickets in NYC.

Our system aims to help people save money and we are confident you will be thrilled when you see what Ticket Wiper can do. Parking tickets don’t need to be a source of stress because once submitted to the app, we will manage the dispute process without much of an effort on your part. If you refer a friend to Ticket Wiper and they submit a ticket for us to dispute, we will give you a discount code to save money on your next parking ticket that you submit to us as well.


Dispute Your Parking Ticket in NYC

If you have received a parking violation and want to fight your parking ticket, the Ticket Wiper app is the answer that you have been searching for. Dealing with an NYC parking ticket can create stress and discomfort, however, the Ticket Wiper app will let you easily deal with it by having our team of experienced professionals handle your parking ticket dispute.

We don’t charge anything to submit a parking ticket to Ticket Wiper, meaning you don’t pay unless we get your ticket dismissed. Simply put Ticket Wiper is the best call unless you prefer to give your hard earned money to the NYC Department of Finance. Download Ticket Wiper today so that you can start disputing your parking tickets and saving your money.

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Pay a Parking Ticket in NYC with Ticket Wiper

Pay a Parking Ticket Online

If you are like most people, you have already asked, “How can I pay a parking ticket in nNYConline?” Ticket Wiper is the solution for which you have been looking if your goal is to reduce the pain of parking in New York City.

If you live in or plan to visit New York City, you likely know that finding a parking spot near your destination can be a difficult and overwhelming challenge. Signs and other obstacles can block parking meters and make them next to impossible to see, or you might pay for parking but not make it back to your vehicle before the meter expires.

Finding yourself in that situation can result in a parking ticket, but the worst part is that you will need to pay your fine online or potentially contend with the Traffic Violations Bureau in fighting the parking violation. The Ticket Wiper app will simplify the process and allow you to pay a parking ticket online without any of the stress. Ticket Wiper works to get your ticket dismissed so that it saves you time, money and gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to contend with parking violations.


Pay a Parking Ticket of Get Your Ticket Dismissed

You might believe you don’t have many options when you get a parking ticket in NYC, but our experts will fight to get your ticket dismissed so that you won’t have to pay a parking ticket. Traffic enforcement officers can write hundreds of citations each day. Repeating the same task for hours each day makes typos and other mistakes likely, and we will review your ticket for errors that could get you off the hook. So far, our team has been able to get 60 percent of parking tickets dismissed. When we are able to get your parking ticket dismissed, we only charge 50 percent of the cost of the original citation for a dismissed citation, and you won’t need to worry about it affecting your peace of mind.

In addition to helping you pay your NYC parking ticket, the app also comes with many other features you won’t want to miss. You can set reminders that will notify you when your parking meter is about to expire, helping you avoid trouble in the first place. You can also submit your vehicles license plate, and the Ticket Wiper app will monitor it and let you know via email when any new parking citations are issued for that vehicle.

When submitting a parking ticket to the app, the barcode scanner lets you upload your ticket in a few seconds so that you won’t need to do so manually. Having access to these benefits will make your life much easier and enable you to avoid the complications of having to deal with the NYC Department of Finance. You will be pleased when you see what our app can do for you, your bank account and your peace of mind.


License Plate Tracking and Other Features

You can pay your NYC parking ticket directly through the Ticket Wiper App without the stress that often comes with the cumbersome process of navigating the city managed website. Don’t forget that we can fight your parking ticket and work to get it dismissed, as with most of the citations our members receive. Pay NYC parking tickets through the Ticket Wiper app, and you will save a lot of time, money and energy, knowing you are done it once and for all. Once you pay a parking ticket with our app, you will wonder why you didn’t download the Ticket Wiper app sooner. If you are ready to get started and start enjoying all of the benefits that our app has to offer, don’t delay, download Ticket Wiper today!

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NYC Parking Tickets and Vision Zero

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Parking Tickets, Parking Rules & Vision Zero

The NYC Vision Zeo plan makes changes in traffic rules, street traffic design, parking rules, and enforcement. The Vision Zero plan goal is to reduce traffic fatalities in the City to zero by the year 2021. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are significant problems in NYC. The plan increased enforcement and raised fines for serious violations. The increased enforcement has increased the number of parking tickets and fines. NYC parking tickets are expensive, and when you think they were wrongly or unfairly issued, fines can cause an emotional and financial burden. We can fight any questionable parking ticket in NYC, download the Ticketwiper app today.

Has Vision Zero made driving safer in NYC?

We at TicketWiper support City efforts to reduce auto collisions with pedestrians, severe pedestrian injuries, and pedestrian fatalities. The City has made the below-listed improvements.

  • Increased traffic and parking enforcement,
  • Made changes in traffic rules,
  • Revised certain street parking restrictions, and
  • Raised penalties for accidents that cause severe injury to pedestrians.

The Vision Zeo program responds to a demonstrated need. The NYC DOT reports that nationwide the rate of pedestrian fatalities is 14 percent of all fatalities. In the borough of Manhattan, pedestrians make up 73 percent of traffic fatalities. The level of pedestrian deaths fell to a ten year low last year, and that is great news for everyone.

vision-zero-nyc-driving-and-parkingBorough Plans

The Vision Zeo plans increased enforcement of parking violations as well as violations detected by speed cameras near schools, and bus lane violations.The Borough government have a strong role in the Vision Zero campaign. The New York City Department of Transportation and the NYPD developed five plans to help carry out the Vision Zero program. The Borough Plans tailor rules and parking restrictions for neighborhood needs in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. The plans redesign traffic and parking restrictions on some streets.

The true cost of Vision Zero for NYC drivers

One side effect of the Vision Zero program is that drivers have higher risks of getting a parking ticket in NYC. Through its increased levels of enforcement, the City has generated more than $550 million per year in parking violations. The Vision Zero plans have raised the level of traffic enforcement in all five boroughs. The borough plans affected parking rules, traffic signs, and restrictions. Sometimes drivers get tickets that seem questionable, unfair, or inaccurate. Some cases involve new rules and restrictions that are hard to understand. You should take action to dispute parking ticket violations that seem unfair.


Get the Ticket Wiper App Today!

Increased enforcement of parking and traffic rules will continue to drive down the numbers of pedestrian injuries. Enhanced enforcement may also drive up the rate of parking fines. You need protection against questionable violations. Download the app and register your tags. We will monitor for violations and fight to get dismissals. You will not pay unless we win your case. Don’t delay; traffic enforcement increases every day. Download the Ticketwiper App.

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Can People with Disabilities avoid Parking Tickets in NYC?

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Driving with Disabilities – Guide to avoid parking tickets in NYC

The City of New York policy permits liberal parking privileges for people with disabilities or households with one or more disabled persons. The handicap parking permit does not prevent getting an NYC parking ticket. There are limits to the parking privileges that are made available to the bearers of the handicap permit. Vehicles that use a state or city handicap parking permit can get tickets, and they will have to pay the fine or contest the charges. The Ticketwiper app will protect vehicles with disabled driver privileges against wrong, doubtful, or unfair violations. The costs of parking tickets are part of the experience of driving in NYC.

Download the Ticketwiper App today, and you will get constant monitoring and defense against wrongful parking violations.

New York State Permits

The State issued permits authorize parking in designated handicap parking areas while driving in NYC and any location in New York State. The spaces are off-street parking areas, and the permit holder must be present when the vehicle uses the tag for off-street parking spaces.

New York City Permits

The City issues permits to drivers with medically certified disabilities. The permit entitles the operator of a vehicle to park in the below-described areas.

  • Metered spaces, passenger or commercial at No charge
  • No parking space regardless of hours and including street cleaning areas.
  • Space designated authorized vehicle only except ambulances or medical emergency spaces.
  • No standing except Truck loading-unloading spaces OR truck loading zone [note: that in the Garment District, permit holders must also follow the hours that permit truck loading/unloading].

The truck loading zone privilege depends on the restrictions posted on the parking signs on the block; The disabled parking privilege matches the permission for truck loading. To avoid an NYC parking ticket, the disabled parking permit must be in plain view in the vehicle dashboard.

Handicap Parking – Signs & Placards

You cannot lawfully use a handicap permit to double park a vehicle, or park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Handicap parking permits do not allow parking in a bus stops, taxi-stands, fire zones, driveways, crosswalks, sidewalks, no stopping zones, hotel loading zones, emergency vehicle spaces, and no standing zones.


Vehicles with handicap parking placards can get tickets when they exceed the permissions for special parking privileges, for example, they would get an NYC parking ticket for parking in a space reserved for ambulances. A disabled owner, or a vehicle with a permit tag for disability can get violations. It often happens when the police fail to notice the handicap tag. Ticketwiper can detect issued parking violations and notify you. Ticketwiper will help you fight the charge and seek dismissal. If you get a violation, then you can submit it to Ticketwiper simply by scanning the barcode with your phone.

Get the Parking Wiper App

Parking violations in NYC can be expensive, and if doubtful or in error, you will still have to take time and efforts to fight them. The Ticketwiper protects against questionable parking violations. If you drive in New York City, then you should get Ticketwiper and register your vehicle plates with us. Don’t delay; you pay nothing unless we win your case. Download the Ticketwiper App today.

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How do holidays affect parking rules in NYC?

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Holidays affect parking rules in New York City

Parking rules changes when the holidays come to NYC. The major holidays give NYC a different feeling as relaxed traffic, and parking restrictions open up miles of on-street parking. There is a long list of celebrations in the official NYC Holiday Calendar for 2018. Holidays affect traffic and parking permissions, and they permit more on-street parking with fewer restrictions. On the major holidays, the parking meter will not need feeding, and the alternate side of street parking hours no longer block usage of available spaces on side streets.

holidays-in-new-york-cityEvery day is not a major holiday, and the parking meter violations and the other stopping, standing, and parking rules take a costly toll on city drivers. If you drive in NYC, then you should download and use the Ticketwiper app. We can monitor your license plate for violations, and fight parking tickets that you feel are faulty, questionable, or unjustified violations. Download the App today.

Parking Rules – Different for each holiday

The major holidays have the greater impact on parking and offer the lowest chance of getting a parking ticket in NYC. The major holidays in NYC are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Parking on Major Holidays

The major holiday rule is that NYC allows parking, stopping, standing except on areas with full-time, seven-days per week restrictions such as NO STANDING ANYTIME, or NO PARKING ANYTIME.

Major Holiday & Meters

The City suspends meter regulations on major holidays, and you can park on metered spaces without time limit or payment.

Other Holidays

The rule applicable to other holidays suspends the restriction for alternate side of street parking for street cleaning. All other rules remain in effect. The City calendar recognizes a large number of other holidays. They include Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, President’s Day, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Purim, Passover, Eid al-Fitr (Idul-Fitr), Rosh Hoshanah, and All Saints Day.


Parking Ticket in NYC

The Ticketwiper app is the best defense against paying the high costs of NYC parking tickets. Each week, thousands of drivers get a parking ticket in NYC, and many drivers will pay tickets that they suspect are wrong or unfair. Holiday parking policies permit more freedom than regular days, but they can be confusing to drivers and the police. The Ticketwiper parking app can challenge holiday violations, doubtful meter violations, or defects in the way the police interpret the parking regulations. If you get a questionable or inaccurate parking violation, then the Ticketwiper can fight parking tickets for you.

Take advantage of the relaxed New York City parking rules on holidays. If you get a parking violation, then you should use the Ticketwiper app. We will aggressively fight your NYC parking tickets, and you pay nothing unless we win your case. Download the Ticketwiper today, you get full-time protection that never takes a holiday. Ticket Wiper provides a calendar to help you with understanding parking rules and holidays.

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How to Win Your NYC Parking Ticket Appeal

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How to Win Your NYC Parking Ticket Appeal

Drivers have the right to a parking ticket appeal when a judge in the parking violations bureau finds against them and orders them to pay a fine. Drivers have a short 30-day window to file an appeal that lays out a basis for reversing the administrative parking ticket. The appeal must state the original evidence filed, the decision, and the grounds to find the decision was wrong.

The parking ticket imposes the penalties stated in the violation, and you must pay the parking ticket fines. You can pay in person or take advantage of the pay ticket online feature. Your appeal can get a refund of any amount paid if you succeed. Before you pay parking ticket fines and give up the fight to get a fair result. Download Ticket Wiper App to avoid having to go through the appeal process in the first place.

The process of protecting your vehicle is simple and direct. You can download the Ticketwiper app from Google Play or the App Store. Once on your Smartphone, you can open the app and register quickly.

Ticket Wiper App

If you have one or more outstanding violations, you can enter them into the system by scanning the barcodes or entering the ticket numbers. If you have no known violations, then you can simply register your license plate with Ticketwiper, and from that point forward we will monitor you submitted license plates for violations.

Under the best circumstances, you could drive often or occasionally in the Five Boroughs and never get an NYC parking ticket or traffic violation. Some drivers avoid parking tickets despite the difficulty and expense of parking, and they should feel fortunate. For most drivers, an NYC parking ticket is part of the way of life in the NY Metropolitan Area. The City has a large and dedicated force of police officers and traffic officers that issue thousands of parking violation each week.

Fighting an NYC Ticket

Getting a parking ticket in NYC is a common event, but it is not always accurate, fair, or justified. Although well-intentioned, police and traffic enforcement officers can make mistakes and errors. If you feel that a ticket was wrong or unfair, then you should fight it with Ticket Wiper.

Fight NYC Parking TIckets with Ticket Wiper

Ticketwiper users can get the advantage of many years experience in discovering enforcement errors in every type of parking ticket in NYC. Our experienced parking ticket specialists know NYC traffic violations and the laws that support dismissals. The Ticketwiper organization fights for each client’s right to a fair and accurate process. Our expert parking ticket specialists scour every violation to find a basis to challenge the violation and win your case.

Ticketwiper is the parking ticket app that every driver in the NYC area should have. It is an effortless and no risk way to protect against the costs of violations. Using Ticketwiper can help you avoid the process of fighting a parking ticket yourself. The best possible resolution of an NYC parking violation is when Ticket Wiper fights it on your behalf. You can get a case dismissed and not have to pay NYC parking ticket fines. Download the Ticketwiper today; you don’t pay unless we win your case.

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Can My Car Get Towed Because of Parking Tickets?

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Did Parking tickets get your car towed?

The City of New York uses towing and immobilizing boots to enforce parking tickets and camera violations. The City police can ticket and tow your vehicle for any parking violation; the Sheriff’s Department can immobilize and tow your vehicle if you owe $350 or more in judgements violations against you.

Booting a vehicle immobilizes your vehicle and holds it until you take action. The city will tow your booted vehicle if you do not pay the fine and release the boot lock within two days. If a car towed to an impound lot stays too long, the city can sell it to cover the costs of the fine, penalties, storage, and towing.

The City can technically begin the process to sell your vehicle after only three days. The sell authority starts after three days, and the city may dispose the vehicle at auction after ten days from the date of the tow. The costs of a parking ticket in NYC can be a severe financial burden. If in a tow away zone, towing fees can add $300 or more. These harsh fines and penalties combined with the loss of your vehicle can be costly; and rightfully, the charges cause deep concern when you feel the ticket was not fully justified.

Parking Tickets & NYC Department of Finance

The New York City Department of Finance collects parking violation payments; they brought in more than $565 million in 2016. Collecting parking violation funds is a major source of revenue for the city. However, that staggering figure does not mean that the tickets are accurate, fair, or justified.

The City ticketing process also has errors made by the ticketing officer, broken meters, and missing signs. Using the Ticket Wiper app, we can help you fight parking ticket violations.

A minor infraction like a meter violation can trigger an avalanche of steps that lead to your vehicle getting booted and towing when the record shows that you have a balance of judgment against you for more than $350. The Ticket wiper app provides ticket monitoring to help protect you against rude surprises from parking tickets.

Sometimes the Facts Don’t Add Up

Getting a parking ticket in NYC can be a trying experience. If you get the violation in certain streets or zones, it can be a substantial fine. The TicketWiper app provides peace of mind and security for NYC drivers. The ticket monitoring and plate monitoring features will ensure that you respond and challenge paper ticket violations.

Get the Ticket Wiper App – Protect Yourself

The TicketWiper provides peace of mind and security for NYC drivers. The ticket monitoring and plate monitoring features will ensure that you respond and challenge any camera or paper ticket violations.

Protect Your Wallet

Every vehicle owner in the New York City area should download and register their license plates with TicketWiper. The service can dispute any existing violation and guard against any future ticket that may occur. You will not have to pay unless Ticket wiper settles a case in your favor, and then you save half of the parking fine. If you operate a vehicle in NYC, then delay can be costly; download the Ticketwiper App today.

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NYC Parking Rules – The Complete Guide

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NYC Parking Rules to Know

NYC parking rules are complex, and there are a lot of them. The City enforces parking restrictions to maintain traffic and city services such as street cleaning. There are a few easy to remember rules that will help avoid some of the more expensive and inconvenient types of parking tickets in NYC.

The Entire City is a Tow Away Zone

The police have their own set of tow trucks, and they also use private contractors. There is no waiting in the tow away zone department; you can get served quickly for any parking ticket in NYC. The law permits towing of any vehicle parked or operated illegally, and that includes parking meter, registration, and missing plate violations.

new york tow truck

Fire Hydrants

City rules prohibit parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. There may be a painted area or not, and it may be 15 or not. Fire hydrant violations can combine with other rules to yield a large fine. If you do not want to pay parking ticket fines because you were not too close to a hydrant, then you have the right to dispute NYC parking ticket fines and penalties.

nyc cars parked at fire hydrant

Double-Parking is Prohibited at All Times

Think of a roadblock in a busy place like New York City and you can see why the rule about double parking is harsh. NYC traffic is worse with double parking; you will get ticketed if caught, and subject to towing.

Parking Signs & Traffic Signs

The rule is that there must only be one parking sign per block. The NYC traffic law requires drivers to know the parking signs that cover the block. You could not avoid a violation by claiming not to have seen a sign if the sign were present and visible at the time.

1. NO STOPPING means no, no, no.

It means NO waiting, NO loading or unloading, and NO pickup or drop-off of passengers.

2. No Standing Means no, no, yes.

It means NO waiting, NO loading or unloading, and YES, you can pick up and drop off passengers.

3. NO PARKING means no, yes, yes.

It means NO waiting, YES you can load or unload, and YES you can pick up or drop-off passengers.4. School Zones

School zone rules are a major source of NYC parking tickets. The rules bar parking when schools are in session or use for school business. Sometimes, the only way to know is to call or go online to find the rule for that school, day, and time of day.


T- Intersection Parking

Streets that connect in the shape of a T are T-intersections. It is a street that ends at a crossing street, and that does not go through. You must turn left or right. At such intersections, the rules permit parking at the corners. Parking at T-intersections is legal, but it must not have marked crosswalks, stop signs, or traffic lights.

Alternate Side Parking

Alternate Side Rules

These signs restrict parking on one side of a street to accommodate street cleaning. They ban parking for certain hours and specific days.

Get the Protection You Need

If you drive in the NYC area, then you should download the Ticketwiper app. Parking tickets in New York City are a fact of life for vehicle owners. You can submit your vehicle plates or the ticket barcode and we will fight your parking ticket case. You don’t pay unless we win for you. The City vigorously enforces parking violations, and you need a vigorous defense. Don’t delay, download the Ticketwiper app today.

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Ticket Wiper vs The Competition

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Ticket Wiper – Dispute your NYC Parking Tickets

The Ticket Wiper App is the best way to resolve existing parking violations and protect against those that may occur after you download the app and register your vehicle with us. If you live in new york and drive any vehicle – a person car, taxi, limousine, delivery truck, Uber, Lyft or anything else, then you’ll want to have Ticket Wiper on your phone. Other services such as WinIt do not compare with the complete and thorough coverage that you can expect from Ticket Wiper. You want to use a parking app to avoid the stress, expense, and worry of dealing with parking tickets. You want reliable performance and complete resolution of the ticket, not have late fees, and protect your driving record.

Ticket Wiper provides a number of benefits:

  • Dispute parking tickets in NYC (whether you live in New York or Not)
  • Monitor your vehicle for parking fines
  • Save you time and money
  • Give you the peace of mind of not having to deal with parking tickets

Fight NYC Parking Tickets with Ticket Wiper

Over the period of 2014 through 2016, the City of New York took in more than $1.6 Billion in parking violation revenues. Drivers in NYC understand that violations are part of the dynamic of the City. The three-year revenue data suggests that many drivers have paid thousands of dollars, and much more have paid hundreds of hard-earned dollars over that period. With Ticket Wiper you get a No-Fee guarantee; you will not pay anything unless we win your case. When we get your parking ticket dismissed – You only pay 50% of what the city would have collected in fines from you. Don’t delay – Download Today!

Worry-Free with Ticket Wiper

Getting a parking ticket in NYC is not a rare event, the City enforces its traffic rules quite strictly and effectively. Many drivers pay fines although the tickets may have important errors or other defects. You may feel that the ticket is not accurate, that the violations as charged did not occur. In 2017 alone the City of New York dismissed $26 Million worth of parking violations because of mistakes. Even when in doubt, many drivers pay NYC parking ticket violations because they do not have the time and resources to dispute parking ticket fines. Ticket Wiper takes the worry and hassles out of disputing a parking ticket in NYC.

Get the Best Service from Ticket Wiper

The Ticket Wiper app uses an efficient and well-managed system to dispute your fines. We immediately freeze your violations so that you will not get additional fines for late payments while we work to resolve your case. Rather than Pay NYC parking ticket fines and penalties, you will only pay a fraction of the violation when we win the fight to dispute your parking ticket. You will pay nothing unless we resolve the case in your favor. Even then you ONLY 50% of the amount of the penalties that the city would collect.

Most importantly, you can view the status of your dispute on the app and we will update you via the email address you provide. We understand, it’s our role to help, but it is your driving record on the line – that’s why we work so hard to keep you violation free. Download the ticket wiper app and get the peace of mind, savings, and the knowledge that you have done what everyone should do to dispute NYC parking violations.


Don’t Delay Get Ticket Wiper Today!

The Ticket Wiper app is available for download on your iPhone and Android Smartphones at the App Store and Google Play. Think of TIcket Wiper like a seat belt – it provides you with the protection of being able to dispute parking tickets you get in New York City. Parking tickets have a tendency to catch you off-guard. With Ticket Wiper monitoring your vehicle – we give you a heads up and help you fight the nasty surprise.

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