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“What I love most about this is I don’t even need to look at tickets at all. Ticket Wiper automatically checks my plates once a week, and they fight it for me like a lawyer on payroll 🙂 Thank you for this life-changing service.”

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“As a New Yorker, I know parking violations are a way of life. I don’t even think twice anymore: When that nasty orange envelope greets me from my windshield, I take out my iPhone, punch in the info into Ticket Wiper, and get on with the day. It couldn’t be simpler. And I’m saving a ton of money every year!”

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“Getting a ticket while in NYC on vacation was the last thing I needed… Our host told me about Ticket Wiper and now I wish I had this back home! I just took a photo of the ticket and they got it dismissed. We went home knowing it was taken care of.”

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