Can I Fight a Parking Ticket in New York City?

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In 2018, New York City expected to collect as much as $631 million in parking fines. And with the amount collected in fines increasing each year, the city of New York will likely have collected even more this year. What’s interesting is that the city makes three times more in fines than it receives from legal parking meters.

The amount of money NYC collects from parking fines could be a lot less if more people realized that not every New York City parking ticket that was issued to them was valid.

What You Should Know Before You Pay Your Parking Ticket

It may seem that the easiest route is to simply pay after receiving the ticket, particularly if the fine doesn’t seem that hefty that you. The city’s department of finance has even made it easy to pay your tickets by giving you the ability to pay online, by mail, or at one of the various business centers.

But whether it’s $60 for parking in a general no parking area or $180 for parking in a zone reserved for people with disabilities, that’s still money you’ve worked hard to earn. If you were to get at least one ticket a month, you could be paying thousands in parking fines a year without realizing it.

Because of your busy lifestyle, you may also worry that you’ll forget about paying the ticket and end up incurring additional ticket fines. So instead of disputing parking tickets because you think it’s not worth the fight or you want to avoid paying late penalties, you go ahead and pay the ticket. However, here are a few things you should know before you give up and give in to that pesky orange envelope.

Issuing officers can make mistakes. Parking tickets are issued by traffic enforcers who are just as human as you and I and just as prone to error. Even an issuing officer can have an “off” day and record the make and model of your vehicle incorrectly, rendering the ticket defective.

The officer may look at a scene and miscalculate how close you were parked to a fire hydrant. According to the law, you cannot stop, stand, or park your vehicle closer than 15 feet from a fire hydrant. Even a trained eye can misjudge the distance. 

Issuing officers have also been known to forget details, cite the wrong violation code, or incorrectly state the date and time of the infraction. In their haste, their handwriting may become illegible, or they may forget to sign their name or list the county. The plate number and plate type may have been stated incorrectly. All these things make a ticket invalid.

You shouldn’t be ticketed if your car was disabled. What if your vehicle has broken down suddenly and you can’t move it? You may be able to fight the ticket if you can prove that your car wasn’t illegally parked as you were waiting for the vehicle to be fixed or towed away.  

Disputing a parking ticket is easier than you think. It’s a common misconception that fighting a parking ticket is a lot of work. You may think it involves time, effort, and more money to request a hearing. After all, there may be an in-person hearing involved and evidence to present.

Gathering evidence for your parking ticket dispute is as easy as pulling out your phone to take a photo of the scene. It can be a photo that shows how far you were parked in relation to a fire hydrant, pedestrian ramp, bike lane, or no parking zone. The photo may also show that there isn’t a visible “no parking” sign nearby. Parking meters have also been known to malfunction. And sometimes, it’s as simple as carefully inspecting whether the ticket was issued in error or contained mistakes that make it invalid.

There are also various methods of disputing a parking ticket. You can pick the method that is most convenient for you.

How to Dispute a Parking Ticket

The NYC Department of Finance website will recommend four ways to fight a parking ticket – online, by mail, in-person, and via their app.

The problem with using any one of these four methods to fight the tickets is that you’d be relying on the same department that issues and collects parking fines to be the ones to help you win the dispute. With Ticket Wiper, you have a non-government company that has a team of experts dedicated to helping you get your NYC parking ticket dismissed.

With Ticket Wiper, there is no bot filtering and screening your tickets. Each ticket you submit is reviewed, tracked, and processed by real people who are parking violation experts. With decades of experience, we have a track record of getting an average of 60% of tickets dismissed. We know exactly what to look for in order to dismiss the parking ticket entirely.

While our experienced ticket wipers can work with very little information, providing evidence can improve your chances of winning by as much as 10%. With Ticket Wiper, there’s no need to defend yourself with a good story to prove your innocence. What we do is look for defects on your NYC parking ticket. All you have to do is use the Ticket Wiper app to either enter the ticket details or let the app scan the NYC database for your plate number.


Not only can you dispute New York City parking tickets, but you should. With Ticket Wiper, you don’t have to worry about incurring late fees. The moment your ticket goes into the Ticket Wiper system to begin the dispute process, we place a ‘penalty lock’ on the ticket, which freezes it until a verdict is reached. Ready to win? The Ticket Wiper app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

adminCan I Fight a Parking Ticket in New York City?
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Introducing Ticket Wiper For The Web!

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Some of you asked about when you would be able to manage and fight your parking tickets in a browser instead of your mobile device.

Or some of you have friends or relatives without a mobile device but with a couple of parking tickets that need attention from our team of ticket wiping experts.

Well, we’re excited to announce the beta version of Ticket Wiper for the web! As an existing user of our platform, we’d love for you to give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

As it is a beta, there may be some bugs that need squashing, so please just email our team at info@ticketwiperapp.com if you run into any issues so we can improve your experience with our service.

Launch Ticket Wiper for the Web Here or click Login / Sign Up above

Otherwise, keep submitting those parking tickets and we’ll keep doing our best to get them wiped!


Your Friends @ Team Ticket Wiper

Jonathan JudgeIntroducing Ticket Wiper For The Web!
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Dispute NYC parking tickets with Ticket Wiper

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Wipe your NYC Parking Tickets with Ticket Wiper

Parking in New York City is often difficult, and private lots are always expensive. You can get low-cost parking on the city streets or in a public parking facility. The City has rules that limit where and how long you can park your vehicle, and it enforces these rules with parking violations. If you get a notice of violation that you feel is wrong or unfair, then you should oppose the charges. The Ticket Wiper app is the ideal way to dispute NYC parking violations.

Metered Parking

For most NYC drivers, metered spaces are the best way to park and save. Whether on public streets or public parking facilities, the NYC DMV enforces the regulations about time and payment of meter fees. Metered areas offer convenience, particularly when you can pay by credit card.

hello-parking-meterThe DMV NY enforces rules by issuing violations, and sometimes the tickets raise questions about fairness and accuracy. If you park on meters in NYC, then you should have the Ticket Wiper on your phone. Simply go to the Google Play store and download the app. You can dispute any violations, and you will not pay unless we resolve the case in your favor.

The City often wins cases that involve questionable citations because drivers do not appear in Court to dispute the charges. The time, effort, and expense of getting paperwork filed and making appearances discourage many drivers, and the difficulty blocks much more from making good faith disputes. The solution is to let Ticket Wiper save the day.

Leave the Violations To Us

The DMV system requires significant amounts of time, expense, and effort to dispute NYC parking ticket fines. The fines are costly and cause an emotional burden from expense and worry. Once issued, a parking violation will remain on your record until paid or dismissed.

We will freeze the violation and avoid late payment penalties while we handle the case. We will notify you of the status of the case and the dismissal of charges. You will not pay anything until we win your case.

The Ticket Wiper app adds a layer of safety when relying upon metered parking in New York City. Once you download and activate Ticket Wiper, you will have protection against unjustified violations. We can monitor your tag to detect any violations that occur.

Tickets Can Add Up

NYC drivers know that a failure to pay parking violations will add late fees and other penalties.


In aggravated cases, the NYC DMV can authorize the seizure of your vehicle. The costs and difficulty of recovering seized vehicles are enormous and completely unnecessary. Using the Ticket Wiper app, you can avoid any charges and enforcement by the DMV NY. Ticket Wiper will resolve your violations and notify you of the status at all times while we manage the case.

Fight Existing Tickets and Avoid Future Penalties

When you must dispute NYC parking ticket fines, use the effective and convenient way and never pay late fees again. One swipe of the barcode sets your parking ticket defense in motion. Don’t delay, download the app and let Ticket Wiper save the day.

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Bronx Business Owner Who Got a Ticket For an Invisible Bike Lane

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Sometimes fighting parking tickets can seem like a nightmare. Just look at the case of this woman in the Bronx who got a ticket for parking in a bike lane that didn’t exist! She’s been fighting a ticket for months for parking in front of the store she’s owned for 40 years. And while there is clearly no bike lane in front of her store, she somehow ended up with a ticket claiming she had parked in one. She tried appealing the ticket twice and got rejected both times. Eventually she ended up paying the ticket off to avoid late fees, because she couldn’t afford to close her store and go fight the ticket in court.

If only she had know about Ticket Wiper! By using the Ticket Wiper app, she could have had a team of professionals fighting on her behalf. So if you do end up with one of these pesky tickets, just download the app below and scan for you ticket in the NYC Database. Then we will fight the ticket for you, and if we win, you only pay 50% of the ticket. Otherwise you don’t pay a dime. Try it out today!

Photo credit: ConnieClick here for license

DavidBronx Business Owner Who Got a Ticket For an Invisible Bike Lane
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Cobble Hill Parking Scam: Why You Should Always Dispute Your Parking Tickets

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A recent scam in Cobble Hill got people to pay illegitimate parking tickets to NYC itself. A construction company working on a new condo appears to have put up some fake No Parking signs around the construction site. Tickets were issued to cars parked in front of them, and busy people eager to just get on with their lives simply paid the tickets and moved on. The signs, of course, were not real and the tickets issued were not worth the paper they were printed on. This is a great example of how Ticket Wiper can help the average, busy citizens of New York. One of the ways in which Ticket Wiper fights for you is to check every aspect of the ticket to make sure it is legitimate, legal and properly issued. Had the victims of this scam been using Ticket Wiper, our experts would have checked to make sure the signs were valid and gotten these tickets thrown out in an instant!

So even if you get a Parking Ticket that appears to be indisputable, it is in your best interest to have Ticket Wiper take a look for you. It’s easy and fast. Just download the app below and scan for you ticket in the NYC Database. Then we will fight the ticket for you, and if we win, you only pay 50% of the ticket. Otherwise you don’t pay a dime. Try it out today!

DavidCobble Hill Parking Scam: Why You Should Always Dispute Your Parking Tickets
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How Should I React When Getting a Ticket In Person?

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Sometimes the inevitable is going to happen. We’ve all made decisions that have led to us getting a ticket. Sometimes those tickets lead to us getting a ticket directly from a Traffic Enforcement Officer. This can be a very stressful moment, so below I’m going to give you five tips on what to do (or NOT to do) in that situation.

  1. Act Like an Adult : I wanted to make this point first, because it is so important. Don’t scream and cry and make a scene. Just take the ticket like an adult and then later we can help you fight it.
  2. Don’t get Frustrated : This point is related to the first point, but I wanted to give it special attention. These things happen to everyone some times. The best thing is to remain calm. If you get frustrated, you might miss something you could use later to fight the ticket.
  3. Ask the Officer for a Courtesy : If you are acting like an adult and not getting frustrated, you have a better chance of getting an officer to cut you some slack. Don’t assume you are entitled to this just because you aren’t acting crazy though.
  4. Remember Why Tickets Are Given : NYC is a big, bustling city. Tickets are a way for the city to help make sure things keep moving. Without Traffic Enforcement, our already chaotic city would be unmanageable.
  5. Don’t Escalate The Situation : Just keep in mind that if you act really poorly, the officer has every right to throw you in jail. There is nothing worse than taking a bad situation and escalating it.

Also, remember to read about how the ticket should look if you are behind the wheel in my previous post ‘Getting a Parking Ticket With The Car Running.

If you do end up with one of these pesky tickets, that’s where Ticket Wiper comes in to help. Just download the app below and scan for you ticket in the NYC Database. Then we will fight the ticket for you, and if we win, you only pay 50% of the ticket. Otherwise you don’t pay a dime. Try it out today!

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Getting a Parking Ticket With The Car Running

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Sometimes people ask me “Surely I can’t get a parking ticket if I’m IN THE CAR, right?!?” Of course, as you may know, you are wrong.
Sitting behind the wheel with the engine running does not make you immune from getting a ticket. However, the ticket must be addressed to the driver, not the car. If you can prove you were sitting in the driver’s seat and the ticket doesn’t have your name on it, it isn’t valid and we can get it thrown out!

Just download the app below and scan for you ticket in the NYC Database. Then we will fight the ticket for you, and if we win, you only pay 50% of the ticket. Otherwise you don’t pay a dime. Try it out today!

Photo credit Corey Doctorow. Click here for license

DavidGetting a Parking Ticket With The Car Running
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