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NYC Parking Rules – The Complete Guide

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NYC Parking Rules to Know

NYC parking rules are complex, and there are a lot of them. The City enforces parking restrictions to maintain traffic and city services such as street cleaning. There are a few easy to remember rules that will help avoid some of the more expensive and inconvenient types of parking tickets in NYC.

The Entire City is a Tow Away Zone

The police have their own set of tow trucks, and they also use private contractors. There is no waiting in the tow away zone department; you can get served quickly for any parking ticket in NYC. The law permits towing of any vehicle parked or operated illegally, and that includes parking meter, registration, and missing plate violations.

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Fire Hydrants

City rules prohibit parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. There may be a painted area or not, and it may be 15 or not. Fire hydrant violations can combine with other rules to yield a large fine. If you do not want to pay parking ticket fines because you were not too close to a hydrant, then you have the right to dispute NYC parking ticket fines and penalties.

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Double-Parking is Prohibited at All Times

Think of a roadblock in a busy place like New York City and you can see why the rule about double parking is harsh. NYC traffic is worse with double parking; you will get ticketed if caught, and subject to towing.

Parking Signs & Traffic Signs

The rule is that there must only be one parking sign per block. The NYC traffic law requires drivers to know the parking signs that cover the block. You could not avoid a violation by claiming not to have seen a sign if the sign were present and visible at the time.

1. NO STOPPING means no, no, no.

It means NO waiting, NO loading or unloading, and NO pickup or drop-off of passengers.

2. No Standing Means no, no, yes.

It means NO waiting, NO loading or unloading, and YES, you can pick up and drop off passengers.

3. NO PARKING means no, yes, yes.

It means NO waiting, YES you can load or unload, and YES you can pick up or drop-off passengers.4. School Zones

School zone rules are a major source of NYC parking tickets. The rules bar parking when schools are in session or use for school business. Sometimes, the only way to know is to call or go online to find the rule for that school, day, and time of day.


T- Intersection Parking

Streets that connect in the shape of a T are T-intersections. It is a street that ends at a crossing street, and that does not go through. You must turn left or right. At such intersections, the rules permit parking at the corners. Parking at T-intersections is legal, but it must not have marked crosswalks, stop signs, or traffic lights.

Alternate Side Parking

Alternate Side Rules

These signs restrict parking on one side of a street to accommodate street cleaning. They ban parking for certain hours and specific days.

Get the Protection You Need

If you drive in the NYC area, then you should download the Ticketwiper app. Parking tickets in New York City are a fact of life for vehicle owners. You can submit your vehicle plates or the ticket barcode and we will fight your parking ticket case. You don’t pay unless we win for you. The City vigorously enforces parking violations, and you need a vigorous defense. Don’t delay, download the Ticketwiper app today.

DavidNYC Parking Rules – The Complete Guide
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Can I Double Park During Street Cleaning?

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Thinking about double parking during alternate side parking hours? Think again! Unfortunately, it is never legal to have your car double parked in New York City. Even during street cleaning, even if someone is in the car, you could still get hit with a parking ticket that could end up costing you $115!

Once in a while you are going to end up with the inevitable double parking ticket though. And that’s where Ticket Wiper comes in. Download our App and have it scan the NYC database for your ticket, and just sit back and relax while we fight it for you! It’s totally free until we get the ticket dismissed, and then it only costs you half the cost of the ticket. Available on IOS and Android.

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How Much is an Alternate Side Parking Ticket in New York City?

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Driving in New York City can be expensive. Whether you are visiting New York for the first time or have lived here all your life, it’s easy to get stuck with an unwanted parking ticket.

Alternate Side Parking is a rule designed to help clean the streets of New York, but if you’re not paying attention, it can end up costing you $45-$65! With the help of the Ticket Wiper App, all you have to do is enter the details of your ticket and sit back while our experts fight on your behalf. Once the ticket is dismissed, we charge your card for 50% of the ticket costs.

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