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NYC Parking Tickets and Vision Zero

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Parking Tickets, Parking Rules & Vision Zero

The NYC Vision Zeo plan makes changes in traffic rules, street traffic design, parking rules, and enforcement. The Vision Zero plan goal is to reduce traffic fatalities in the City to zero by the year 2021. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are significant problems in NYC. The plan increased enforcement and raised fines for serious violations. The increased enforcement has increased the number of parking tickets and fines. NYC parking tickets are expensive, and when you think they were wrongly or unfairly issued, fines can cause an emotional and financial burden. We can fight any questionable parking ticket in NYC, download the Ticketwiper app today.

Has Vision Zero made driving safer in NYC?

We at TicketWiper support City efforts to reduce auto collisions with pedestrians, severe pedestrian injuries, and pedestrian fatalities. The City has made the below-listed improvements.

  • Increased traffic and parking enforcement,
  • Made changes in traffic rules,
  • Revised certain street parking restrictions, and
  • Raised penalties for accidents that cause severe injury to pedestrians.

The Vision Zeo program responds to a demonstrated need. The NYC DOT reports that nationwide the rate of pedestrian fatalities is 14 percent of all fatalities. In the borough of Manhattan, pedestrians make up 73 percent of traffic fatalities. The level of pedestrian deaths fell to a ten year low last year, and that is great news for everyone.

vision-zero-nyc-driving-and-parkingBorough Plans

The Vision Zeo plans increased enforcement of parking violations as well as violations detected by speed cameras near schools, and bus lane violations.The Borough government have a strong role in the Vision Zero campaign. The New York City Department of Transportation and the NYPD developed five plans to help carry out the Vision Zero program. The Borough Plans tailor rules and parking restrictions for neighborhood needs in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. The plans redesign traffic and parking restrictions on some streets.

The true cost of Vision Zero for NYC drivers

One side effect of the Vision Zero program is that drivers have higher risks of getting a parking ticket in NYC. Through its increased levels of enforcement, the City has generated more than $550 million per year in parking violations. The Vision Zero plans have raised the level of traffic enforcement in all five boroughs. The borough plans affected parking rules, traffic signs, and restrictions. Sometimes drivers get tickets that seem questionable, unfair, or inaccurate. Some cases involve new rules and restrictions that are hard to understand. You should take action to dispute parking ticket violations that seem unfair.


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Increased enforcement of parking and traffic rules will continue to drive down the numbers of pedestrian injuries. Enhanced enforcement may also drive up the rate of parking fines. You need protection against questionable violations. Download the app and register your tags. We will monitor for violations and fight to get dismissals. You will not pay unless we win your case. Don’t delay; traffic enforcement increases every day. Download the Ticketwiper App.

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