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How do holidays affect parking rules in NYC?

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Holidays affect parking rules in New York City

Parking rules changes when the holidays come to NYC. The major holidays give NYC a different feeling as relaxed traffic, and parking restrictions open up miles of on-street parking. There is a long list of celebrations in the official NYC Holiday Calendar for 2018. Holidays affect traffic and parking permissions, and they permit more on-street parking with fewer restrictions. On the major holidays, the parking meter will not need feeding, and the alternate side of street parking hours no longer block usage of available spaces on side streets.

holidays-in-new-york-cityEvery day is not a major holiday, and the parking meter violations and the other stopping, standing, and parking rules take a costly toll on city drivers. If you drive in NYC, then you should download and use the Ticketwiper app. We can monitor your license plate for violations, and fight parking tickets that you feel are faulty, questionable, or unjustified violations. Download the App today.

Parking Rules – Different for each holiday

The major holidays have the greater impact on parking and offer the lowest chance of getting a parking ticket in NYC. The major holidays in NYC are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Parking on Major Holidays

The major holiday rule is that NYC allows parking, stopping, standing except on areas with full-time, seven-days per week restrictions such as NO STANDING ANYTIME, or NO PARKING ANYTIME.

Major Holiday & Meters

The City suspends meter regulations on major holidays, and you can park on metered spaces without time limit or payment.

Other Holidays

The rule applicable to other holidays suspends the restriction for alternate side of street parking for street cleaning. All other rules remain in effect. The City calendar recognizes a large number of other holidays. They include Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, President’s Day, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Purim, Passover, Eid al-Fitr (Idul-Fitr), Rosh Hoshanah, and All Saints Day.


Parking Ticket in NYC

The Ticketwiper app is the best defense against paying the high costs of NYC parking tickets. Each week, thousands of drivers get a parking ticket in NYC, and many drivers will pay tickets that they suspect are wrong or unfair. Holiday parking policies permit more freedom than regular days, but they can be confusing to drivers and the police. The Ticketwiper parking app can challenge holiday violations, doubtful meter violations, or defects in the way the police interpret the parking regulations. If you get a questionable or inaccurate parking violation, then the Ticketwiper can fight parking tickets for you.

Take advantage of the relaxed New York City parking rules on holidays. If you get a parking violation, then you should use the Ticketwiper app. We will aggressively fight your NYC parking tickets, and you pay nothing unless we win your case. Download the Ticketwiper today, you get full-time protection that never takes a holiday. Ticket Wiper provides a calendar to help you with understanding parking rules and holidays.

DavidHow do holidays affect parking rules in NYC?

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