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NYC To Crack Down on Expired Parking Placards

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Last month Mayor De Blasio ordered an initiative to crack down on the misuse of parking placards. Parking placards are issued to Police and other city officials and have (up until now) been used as a free pass to park anywhere. But that is all about to change. De Blasio has ordered that a new special unit of parking cops look for specific instances of people misusing their placards. Been using an expired placard to get away with parking? Ticket. Been using your placard to literally park anywhere? Ticket. This has been an unfair situation for the rest of us for a very long time now and we here at Ticket Wiper are pleased to see the playing field leveled. Of course, some leeway for officials parking while going about city business is understandable, abuse of parking placards has been an issue for some time now and we are hoping this new initiative will help make the situation better.

For those of us who have to try and park without the benefit of a parking placard, parking tickets can be quite the inconvenience. If you do end up with one of these pesky tickets, that’s where Ticket Wiper comes in to help. Just download the app below and scan for your ticket in the NYC Database. Then we will fight the ticket for you, and if we win, you only pay 50% of the ticket. Otherwise you don’t pay a dime. Try it out today!

DavidNYC To Crack Down on Expired Parking Placards

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